The Shocking Truth About Lindsay Lohan A-list lovers


Whether it is just a sale pitch for a gossip magazine or a revealing naked truth, one might feel that Lindsay Lohan’s confession is quite a shocker. Well, for a straight human being I might say. A list was exposed by In Touch magazine , penned by Linsay herself containing several names; her lovers. And yes, male lovers and darn famous too.

Better stil, all the while I thought that the actress is only interested to her own kind and after reading her statement, my opinion changed completely. In Lindsay Lohan’s “personal conquest list”, several superstars popped in the limelight namely Collin Farren, Adam Levine, Zac Efron and even the late Heath Ledger. Some are very popular in Hollywood and the list could sink their relationships rock bottom.


Lindsay Lohan hookups

Notice this, why are some of the names blurred? Is it again, just the magazine publicity stunt to expose the full list of the A-list lovers in the next issue for a sale increase? Or maybe, the list contains male and also female names as well! Or just a stunt to gain attention made by a Disney-out-of-rehab junkie (pun not intended), Or maybe just a made up story with a made up list to what extent, I do not know.

All in all, if I believed this glorify tabloid gossip, I would be a dumbass. To Lindsay Lohan, go break a leg.

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