Batman is back: blue, grey and yellow Batsuit

With the recent news about Superman vs Batman (or is it Batman vs Superman) movie that’s going to be screened in 2016, I am without a doubt feeling a bit skeptical. Knowing that the “God-like superhuman” man could co-exist in this world side by side with the mortals is much more harder to believe, how a flesh and blood vigilante like Batman could end up brawling with a boy from Smallville? Unless he makes use of intellect, detective skills, science and technology, wealth, physical prowess, and intimidation in his war on crime, that could give him the upper hand to defeat Superman. But again, in his own40s? I wouldn’t want to miss this movie just knowing the plot itself is a challenging task for the script writer(s).

Does Batsuit suit its time?

In my lifetime, or i would say our lifetime, 5 batsuits have made in the bigscreen and the critics were overwhelming. From plain clothe to rubber suit, from plain chest logo to symbolic darker emblem, from simple 60s suit to advanced armor suit, we can see more versatile version of batsuit in the next movie starring Ben Affleck who also played Daredevil; a much regretted movie flop. This time around, being Batman will be a reboot to his charismatic role in his another superhero movie and also to the franchise as well.

Flopped superhero

Daredevil Ben Affleck as the “old and weary” new Cape Crusader

“Zack Snyder and Ben Affleck are definitely not trying to recapture the magic created by Nolan and Bale. This will (seemingly) be a true Bat-reboot, albeit one that doesn’t step on its predecessor’s toes in the process.” – Screenrant


Don’t read the picture too long

Following a glimpse of Ben Affleck in costume (monochrome picture, psyche!), the batsuit has an old and new signature in it to give a vibe reboot. According to Kevin Smith (Hollywood Babble-on) which quote; “The forthcoming “Batman vs Superman” movie could see the caped crusader returning to a familiar blue, grey and yellow colour scheme”. That would actually portray the blue, grey and yellow batsuit from the 60s worn by Adam West if I may say. The color scheme has a way of finding itself back to the bigscreen after having numerous change in designs and colors.

Well, if we read the comic version of the suit, Batman has often been depicted in a blue, yellow (usually his belt) and grey colour scheme, and this blue, grey and yellow batsuit version of the movie franchise is based on Frank Miller’s comic “Hunt The Dark Night”. Apart from the color, the blue, grey and yellow batsuit is said to look “weary” just to add the grizzle look to the character and as well as the to 41yr old actor Ben Affleck (Not!!).

The Batmen

Adam West was the first actor to portray Batman in blue, grey and yellow batsuit before the suit was plumped to all black and yellow combination in 1989, the suit for Micheal Keaton. Then the 1995 Batman forever directed by Joel Schumacher also followed the same all-black trend which seen Val Kilmer in the suit except for the yellow belt. George Clooney then dropped the yellow emblem and opted for chrome combination in his 1997 Batman & Robin movie which seen a plunge of this batman franchise. Who would ever wanna see a suit with a pair of nipples on the chest? Batman nipples? That is gore. LOL



Then the much reality batman directed by Christoper Nolan gave a new life to the trilogy which seen an armor black suit complete with a new emblem and a gold-yellow belt. The modern batman look portrayed by Christian Bale.


And again, with this new Superman movie which initially set for 2015 release but was put back to 2016, we are going to see a total reinvention of Batman suit rather than the all black costume frequently sported by the caped crusader on the past films.

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