What a College Student’s mind can teach us about FREE

shutterstock_109544873-PsychiatryBeing a teenager is not really easy regardless of which era we’re born in. The word freedom alone is always associated with the teens. The thing that worried the most is time changes the kind of freedom these teenagers opt for. In a way to go about this is, Freedom helps teens learn to take care of themselves. But granting too much freedom is just as bad as giving too little.

In the eyes of the parents, their children’s teenage years are a confusing mixture of childish behavior and startling maturity. More teen angst to handle. However teenagers, freedom itself is The Issue. They crave it, and they need it. But parents must decide when and how to give it.

What about teen and college? I just dont want to talk about “freedom” here. That actually bores you and I because we ourselves experienced it our own ways. Yours might not be the same with mine. Or we are not that different after all. In Fact, what is college life when you don’t really enjoying you FREE life as a student. If you know what i mean. 🙂

What “FREE” means for these college teens?

1. Im a social media lord! I need FREE data for non-stop messaging, because I am the social media king and everyone is my friend.

free sosial media
Photo Credit: collegetimes.com

2. Look out for Gigs and Happenings. I need FREE tickets with good seats. The near to the stage is the better. \m/

free concert
Photo Credit: Perk up – Thumblr

3. Craving for junk food, mamak food, fast food? A course of Free burgers + coffee (with coffee art)is much cooler than the normal kind of set meal that forks out my pocket allowance.

Free food
Photo Credit: awesomegifs.com

4. Bringing your car in campus. Most of the time outing at the best places with mates and best buds but not enjoying the FREE parking that you entitle. FREE parking for the rest of the live is better.

Photo Credit: gifsoup.com

5. If you think free parking alone is enough, no WAIT! FREE petrol to fill up my gas tank so I can ‘ronda – ronda’ without the sense of feeling that I’m being robbed!

Photo Credit: driverless.wordpress.com

6. iPhones? Samsung? Xiaomi? I need FREE smartphone (literally smart and not stupid dumb phone!) equipped with the latest and trendy apps. Plus FREE reload coupons!

Photo Credit: www.engadget.com

7. Free power, free delivery, free toll, yada yada bla bla this and that! You get what i mean.


8. A total FREE-dommmmmm!

Photo Credit: fresh-off-the-plane.com

What do you think about your teenage years?

    What ever the answer, that has shaped who we are today.

The best years ever

How i wish i could hop into a Delorean and travel back in time and re-live those teen moments again. The best years of my life and yet the worse too.



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