My very own teaching philosophy



Most educators, they have their own Teaching Philosophy (falsafah pengajaran) and so do I. Maybe mine sounds a bit rethoric mentioning yada yada this and yada yada that but, that is the purpose of writing ones philosopy. It sounds a bit familiar at first and as it goes on, it still sound familiar. But who cares as long as I have my own and even at times when I read it again and again, it nearly sound a bit like a mission statement. LOL. Well, here goes…..

Teaching Philosophy in me

As an educator, teaching fundamental should be implemented with accountability and sincerity to educate the students of all ages, in spite of of race, religion and their beliefs. An educator must also make the best choices about what and how to structure and organize teaching materials according to syllabus and scheme of work. Thus, a teacher who has a high understanding of the subjects being taught is deemed outstanding.

To implement the aim:-

• My belief is that all students are able to learn and contribute in a conducive classroom. Each of the students contributes to harmonious and prosperous class as learning in the classroom is a consistent process. Committed to students’ success I am, and responsible for making the subject as fun and entertaining I am.
• Effective and meaningful teaching should be taught at parity and/or above the level of the students in class. Ergo, educator should know their students well. Always a reminder to me, students should learn from the basics before it reaches a higher level. How students could relate the real world with the subjects being taught is a process which I should hearten. We guide students to achieve what we want them to achieve and in return, the student must allow themselves to gain experience, information and skills.
• Finally, a teacher is as equal as a facilitator. The need to encourage students to become self-reliant student in the class is ought to. Nonetheless, to grasp that students learn in different ways make me devoted to encourage students’ participation in the learning process. The styles, methods and strategies should vary in order to engage students in all teaching and learning activities especially through diversified teaching aid and teaching pattern. It may encourage more students’ involvement in the learning process.

So, there you have it. I bet you have your own. So what’s yours?

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