Many of us now have realized, SMULE is not the only app that can act as a mobile karaoke set. Thus, here comes JOOX. 

There are over 10mil tracks on JOOX til date and that’s why it is comparatively at par with Smule, so to speak.

Cut to the chase… so in conjunction with the DUO STARZ MBI Carnival, this is how to record a track using karaoke function on JOOX. Observe..

1. Download the app on the phone from Play Store or App Store. (I am not going to show you how to download the app ok.) Then click the icon on the phone and you will be prompted to log in. Choose either Wechat, Facebook or Other method.

2. Choose a genre. And since it is for MBI Carnival, select “International”

3. Ok, then you will be directed to the main page. To sing a karaoke, click “SING” tab (refer picture below).


4. Then, search a song that is assigned for you.  First, type the name of the song or the name of the artist. Second, click “TRACKS” tab. Third, click the  mic icon. * Do not click on the name of the song, ONLY CLICK the mic icon. (Refer NO 3 below)


5. After that, click “SING”.


6. Then, you can start recording the song. Please ensure that you record in a quite room to avoid any unnecessary sound to recorded as well. Since it is a Duo Starz singing competition, please use you creativity to arrange the lyrics, melody and harmonization of your song. So practice before you record your song ya.

When you are ready, click “Start Recording”.

record with joox


7. After the recording is finished, please adjust the setting of the recorded audio. The Vocal should sound louder than the Music. Than click NEXT.

record with joox


8. When everything is OK, just click “SAVE”. Or if you are not satisfied with the recording, just start from the scratch. That helps. 

record with joox


9. Finally, the recorded audio needs to be sent to the committee before or on 14th Dec 2019. So, what you can do is, send the link to the committee so they will listen to the song and choose the finalists. To get the link, click 3-dotted line at the side of the recorded song (refer pic below).

record with joox


Then click “Share To”

record with joox


Click “Copy URL”

record with joox


IMPORTANT! Send to the URL to the committee via Whatsapp here http://www.wasap.my/60105580404


That’s how to record on JOOX. Good LUCK.

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