Spongebob 3D: Out of the water into the frying pan?

Boy O’boy.

For those staunch Spongebobers, is it a correct way of saying it because I nearly say boob, seeing the team of favorite cartoon characters again in the movie with a great makeover indeed will give a whole new wild adventures for the movie crews as well as the fans. After the premier in 1999, the lovable characters being succesfully under the lime light was then led to a movie aptly named The Spongebob Movie later in 2004.

After 10years of fame, it’s 3D time


Over the subsequent movie, Spongebob and the gang will be surfacing to the land after living in the pineapple under the sea since 1999. This is with a mission, of course and not off course.

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Although the trailer begins with SpongeBob, Patrick et al in their traditional 2D animated form, the gang must venture onto dry land “to save their world”, when it comes under attack from Antonio Banderas’ evil pirate antagonist. – Yahoo Movies

On a side note, this Spongebob team comes ashore in their 3D CGI-animated form with a mission. Not as a radical transformation as it might seem, the cameo appearence of Rocker Slash busking on the street is much more freakishly wierd. Listening to the opening song “welcome to the jungle” alone, one may guess the hardcore battle that Spongebob and his team would venture.

Literally a sponge out of the water


The SpongeBob SquarePants: Sponge Out Of Water trailer reveals there is an evil pirate, portrayed by Antonio Banderas. He and his band of pirates need the last page of a book that makes every evil plan they write down come true, according to The Hollywood Reporter. – inquisitr.com

The pesky pirate played by Antonio Banderas has an evil quest to steal the last magical page of a magical book for an evil magical reason. And with the nowadays’ trend of the ever-growing obsession for superheroes, not only the team will be in buff mode, they also acquire superheroes abilities thanx to the magical book that makes it a reality.

*mode* Superheros.

The voice actors

The series’ voice actors will reprise their roles like Tom Kenny, Bill Fagerbakke, Rodger Bumpass, Clancy Brown, Carolyn Lawrence and Mr. Lawrence. The movie is likely to have the original voice cast for the characters and the director is Paul Tibbitts, the “Spongebob” series writer and executive. Besides Bandaras and a quick cameo from Guns ‘N’ Roses guitarist, Slash (as seen in the trailer), no other live-action stars have been announced.


The movies is scheduled to hit the theaters in 2015, Feb 6. With the famous actors, voice actors and CGI-ed cartoon characters featured in the self-proclaimed famous movie, we, especially the kids (hopefully) would like to see the best of everything from the movie.