Em-BAAAA-king to a unique carnage with GOAT simulator

What is it with the goat?

Started out as a small project to train the new programmers, it went crazy in the Youtube reaching to milions of viewers in weeks. With the player controlling the goat, basically we can do whatever comes to our crazy minds. Run against the traffic, ramp about the woods, lick, stick and insanely drag the human, jump off the window, blow up the gas station, harnessing demonic powers through blood sacrifices, an obvious all-hell-breaks-loose of a sort.

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People were proclaiming Goat Simulator as GOTY 2014 and bombarding us with requests to finish the game and release it. – Armin Ibrisagic

Since there was an overwhelming demand for GOAT simulator, the programmers then opted to add more stuff in their original project. We can notice the skate-like action maneuver (inspired by the skate game) which the idea is, instead of being a skater, you’re a goat either a diabolical one or with good moral, and instead of doing tricks, you go berserk and wreck stuff.

Goat Simulator is out!

As the 1.1 Beta Simulator was released last week (May 28, 2014),it includes more features to be discovered. With the sole intention is to have different leaderboards for the gamers to compete and show off their “gotyness” in categories like total air time, total goat collision force and biggest combo, making the game enthusiast around the globe “bleating” for more BAAAA.. So, want experience? Go to Goat Simulator page.

Goat simulator

The Map

Goat simulator

The Hat Shop

Goat simulator

Bycycle Riding Goat


GOAT Simulator is a small, broken and stupid game with the price of USD10. To give a high expectation for the said game is actually over-rated and godforsaken at times, in fact it is best not to expect for anything at all. Worth spending the whole 10 bucks (converted to our Malaysian Ringgit at RM36.00) on something equivalent.

Is it worth to buy? Teenagers opt to get one for FREE..

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