iPhone 5s gajet impian setiap blogger

Having said that, as i was blogwalking after resting for couple of weeks, I came across a contest about iPhone 5s organized by Denaihati.com, and frankly speaking it was so tempting. Just reading the terms and condition made me realise that this is one heck of a motivation for me to write (in pain) and join the contest LOL. After all, what is success without pain. And since the pain is bearable (so to speak), why would i bother about it. Just write. :)

Jangan sesekali putus asa sebelum berusaha sehingga saat terakhir … tatap gambar iPhone 5s di atas untuk menaikan semangat. Sifat orang dahagakan kejayaan tidak akan pernah putus asa atau takut untuk mencuba. Tuah ayam nampak di kaki tapi tuah manusia siapa yang tahu – Denaihati.com

Dreaming the dream


Who wouldn’t want to win an iPhone? Just dreaming of using one is actually a dream pleasure even when we know that we couldn’t afford to have it. As for me iPhone is one of my dream phones, as same as one having his/her own dream car or a house or a career or even a wife!

So what’s stopping me from owning an iPhone or iPhone 5s in particular? Simply put the limitations that have been circling my mind.

Firstly, the price itself seems to be a turn-off for me. Some people say that iPhone is an overpriced phone as compared to any other phones with equal specs. They even question why the high price? And YES, i might agree with the idea that iPhone is an overpriced phone ergo it affects ones affordability. However i also was under the impression that, the high price is as relevant as its status quo and prestige in the market. That has actually given the iPhone 5s owner a WOW factor from others.

Secondly, to see that some communication operators like Maxis, Celcom and Digi introducing their respective iPhones plans also was quite stunning. As enticing as this may seem, it also seems to be undesirable when one has to choose the plan carefully and in my case, when i had chosen the “right” plan for me, taddaa, there came the T&C. And to my surprise, the basic contract lasts as long as 24 month! Again, what a turn-off! Why would one had to own an iPhone for 24months of contract? There are so many WHAT IFs. For starters, what happens if the phone is lost? What happens when the phone is obsolete (new iPhone introduced)? What happens this, what happens that yada yada yada and the list rolls on the floor.

Aplikasi Android & iOS Denaihati

Hope is not lost

Those mentioned earlier were just some of the handicap reasons why iPhone is just a dream for me. Nonetheless, the dreams might still be a reality if I would’ve been shortlisted in this contest. Of all the things that has been a limitation for me, it has never stopped me from believing that I can really own an iPhone 5s one day. Hope the limitation would just go by blown by the wind and never to bother me in the head as soon as I receive the new iPhone 5s. :))

I have been a big fan of iPhone 5s, especially to its features that i believe everybody know what are the features are, be it the looks, performance (processor and connectivity), cameras, memory, battery life etc. Even a blogger like me wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity to own a stunning phone of the year.

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