Can’t Keep Up? 3 things to know about Japanese Occupation In Malaya

Japanese Occupation In Malaya


“An assignment that i did based on what i read from the books and internet articles regarding the Japanese Occupation In Malaya, and i summarized it for easy understanding. BTW, does anybody read this kind of issue anymore? :)”


Japanese Army invaded Malaya in Kota Bharu on December 8, 1941. Japanese forces had successfully conquering the airspace throughout Malaya and Singapore within less than two and a half months. The Japanese Occupation in Malaya began on February 15, 1942 and during the Japanese occupation for three and a half years, various policies have been implemented to strengthen their position. All policies have a huge impact on social, political and economic life of Malaya. The People were in sufferings and depressed by the Japanese government policy.

japanese occupation


  1. Social effect

Social effects of Japanese occupation in Malaya led to more distant relationship between the races. Japanese military gave a different treatment according to race where the Malays and Indians were treated well by the Japanese, and Chinese treated unfairly. The Malays have been appointed as the Japanese “Kempeitai” assigned to catch the Chinese. This increased the hatred among the Chinese against the Malays resulting thicker inter-ethnic hostility between the Malays and Chinese. Hence, the Chinese sought shelter in the woods to avoid Japanese military threat. Continue reading “Can’t Keep Up? 3 things to know about Japanese Occupation In Malaya”